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Building brand loyalty the Superdry way

Building brand loyalty the Superdry way

Building brand loyalty isn’t just about doing a good job. It’s about exceeding expectations.

And potentially the greatest opportunity in building brand loyalty is after a mistake. 
This just happened to Helen here at D3 Marketing,

SuperDry is a favourite brand and she bought some trainers. In the sale. In Bicester whilst driving home from a client meeting.
And then went to Spain to see clients there.

Unfortunately they had sold her two right feet! Disappointment all round.

Not thinking this would end well but prepared to try, she called the shop. A lovely girl took the details, and said they would consult a manager. But they don’t ship outside the UK.
10 minutes later she rang back. She had circumvented the manager to speed up the process and called her Head Office. Who had said it’s our fault and we will ship a brand new complete pair today, to Spain, from the warehouse.

This is brand loyalty. This makes us love this brand. This converts us from a customer to a raving fan.
From answering the phone to getting a fantastic result without even seeing a receipt. @Superdry, take a bow. We applaud you.

Brand presentation, D3 Marketing Portsmouth

We get asked to do many types of interesting work here at D3 Marketing Portsmouth. And not all in the UK. We have clients across the world.

At the moment we are designing a pitch document for a client we worked with in London. It’s a summary of their brand values, proposition and hospitality business and will be used to secure a new venue on a new continent.

Words, design, research… it’s a fun project. And because we managed their marketing for years, we happen to know quite a lot about them.


Nursery website design in West Sussex

It’s almost time to unveil our latest website design in West Sussex.

It’s a new website for a nursery in Chichester that’s way more than a nursery. They have so much going on and so much great information for their users.

We are just doing final tweaks and changes before it will go live…..

Nursery website designBut here’s a sneak preview!

Safety Beach bungalows – our first Australian client

We’re delighted to have finished work for our first client in Australia, the rather awesome Safety Beach Bungalows.

This delightful set of 5 bungalows is just metres from the huge beach at Safety Beach, near Coffs Harbour. They offer lovely pet friendly accommodation. We have been and seen it for ourselves whilst on holiday there.

To start the process, the client had a new logo in honour of their gorgeous dog Mahana who sadly passed away (but they recently acquired a new family member, a gorgeous Staffy puppy called Ziggy!). With the new look they wanted a new mobile responsive website with great copy.

We completed the design and build and embarked on SEO research. Just 2 weeks after launch we are so pleased to see them on the first page of Google for all their main keyword phrases. That’s a great result for everybody.

If you’re ever in New South Wales and looking for somewhere to stay, they are highly recommended! Say g’day to Kelvin and Collette and of course, Ziggy.

Action Stations Portsmouth get a new brochure

Action Stations is a fantastic multi-purpose venue at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The marketing team there wanted a new brochure designed to specifically promote their corporate and weddings business.

It started with a competitive pitch. We were delighted to win and produced a series of brochure design concepts for the client. From this came many iterations of copywriting, design, photo choices and layout. But it was well worth the time and effort.

The aim was to really deliver something that stands out from the competition, as the events venue marketplace is extremely saturated.
However Action Stations is totally unique and we wanted all the personality and benefits of this venue to shine out clearly in the finished product.

As part of that uniqueness we identified early on that the building itself is iconic. We produced hand drawn illustrations of parts of the building facade to use throughout the brochure to reinforce this message.

This desire to be different was also reflected in the paper chosen to print the 12 page brochure – a touchy feely “rough” matt paper.

The D3 team would like to thank Kerry, who led the project, for all her input. She was a big fan of one of the bold vibrant styles presented at concept stage and we are so pleased with the final results.

Here’s just a few of the pages – if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Portsmouth, something a little different, get in touch with Kerry.

7 habits to boost your success

Success begins with you.

Make your morning routine priority no.1

Allow yourself 10-15 minutes each morning to ‘power up’. It can involve whatever you like, so long as it’s energising either mentally or physically (or both!).

Having and sticking to a routine each morning sets you up for the day. You might practice a few yoga positions, meditate with a fresh juice outside, or get to a bit of personal development reading or writing. Whatever you choose to do make sure you give yourself that time each and every morning to set yourself up for the day ahead.

Remember your strength

You’re a solution finder, a problem solver, a winner! You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Each day take a minute to remember just how much of a warrior you are – finding this strength will prepare you for whatever set backs the day might throw at you.

Don’t dwell on mistakes or setbacks

It’s important to realise that no business goes without its fair share of rocky patches. But the most successful ones are those who power on regardless. Brush yourself off and get right back on that horse.

Prioritise the most important things

You will be more productive and much happier if you make improvements to your time management skills. Write down the top 3 things you MUST accomplish today and get the job done before focussing on the less important things (like checking your Facebook…).


You might think that you can do a better job and that may well be true. But you are only one person. Delegating means that you can get far more done in a day than if you were just working alone. So hand off some of that to-do list to someone else and concentrate on the really important things that you need to get done yourself.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination can mask a lack of confidence, or a fear of being wrong or being criticised. But the longer you wait to do something, the further away that light at the end of the tunnel gets. Bite the bullet and so whatever it is that you’ve been putting off. No matter the result, at least it won’t be hanging over you or churning scared, negative thoughts through your head. When it’s done it’s done and you can move forward.

Say thank you & smile

You won’t succeed alone. Every day, there are many people on your team and in your daily life who deserve to be thanked. So be thankful, show it and say it. And smile! Research shows that smiling positively benefits you and those around you – and it looks beautiful darling!

7 ways to build your business while working your day job

You want to run your own business, but it’s not feasible to leave the day job just yet… so how do you juggle both?

While you’re transitioning from employee to entrepreneur it’s important to stay motivated and keep a clearly defined goal in sight. Here are a few things to keep the spark alight whilst you’re busy working for someone else.

1. Know your ‘why’ and focus on it like a laser

Whatever it is that makes you want your own business rather than employment is one of the biggest keys to your success. Write it down in detail, then refine your why until you get it down to just one, honest sentence – then put it up on the wall, wherever you’re likely to see it every day (the dashboard, the bathroom mirror, the bedroom wall). Keeping your reason for succeeding in clear view and at the forefront of your mind will keep you motivated and focussed, even when things get tough.

2. Write yourself a job description

In detail and in the present tense, write down your ideal day – what are your activities, who are your customers/ clients, how many do you have, how do you service them, how much income do you make? What does your daily schedule look like (in an ideal world)? For example, you might like to spend most of your days networking with people poolside in some sunny resort and get paid for it. Why not? If that’s your dream and it’s conducive to your plan then write it down. Defining exactly what you want is the biggest step you can take to getting there.

3. Reinforce what you want

Now you know why you want to succeed and what success looks like to you, read your vision aloud every morning. Focus intently on how it will feel to be living your ideal. Keeping your desired result clearly in your mind and feeling the feelings your success will bring will help you keep negative thoughts about your daily grind at bay.

4. Commit yourself

Telling other people about your dream might feel strange, since it’s likely still in the planning stage, but vocalising what you intend to do gives you public accountability – meaning you’re less likely to give up & quit if the people in your life know about it.

5. Set up or join a business master mind group

Find other people who are also setting up a business and meet with them once or twice a month to brainstorm ideas, share advice and motivate each other. Just discussing things like articles you’ve found helpful, techniques you’ve found useful and other ideas can be extremely helpful when you’re setting up a business.

6. Learn learn learn

Read all the books & articles, listen to podcasts and online trainings, take some short courses – if it’s relevant & helpful to your business/ industry it can only help you. Additionally, keeping your attention focussed on your preferred industry will keep you tuned into and focussed on your goals. Not to mention you’ll have a wealth of experience and knowledge by the time your business comes into fruition.

7. Set daily goals

Set yourself some SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound). By achieving small successes every day you’ll gain more confidence. Taking action, no matter how small, tedious or mundane the task, will inevitably help you to grow, even when there doesn’t seem to be much time left in the day. 7 days of small steps equals a big step forward by the end of the week.

“Life asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time. That’s why they make those fourth grade chairs so small– so you won’t fit in them at age twenty-five!” — Jim Rohn
As seen on Channel 4

Two of our clients are featured in the new Channel 4 series “A new life in the sun”.  After filming with them over the course of six months in 2015, the first episode screened last night in the UK.

Tune in to watch the lovely Roseanna growing her Marbella bootcamp business Aurora Bootcamp and the wonderful Yvonne & Ray as they run their stunning 5 star B & B in Andalucia, Cortijo Sabila.

Making maps into art

Design and art can be created everywhere – even on your bike or running route around town!

We love these. Stephen Lund took the boredom-rite-of-passage, doodling, to a new level by evolving it into a sport.



Flyer design – it’s a dogs life!

Some great fun flyer design work this week for two Sussex based pet businesses, producing some eye catching promotional fliers.

What do you think?