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7 ways to build your business while working your day job

7 ways to build your business while working your day job

You want to run your own business, but it’s not feasible to leave the day job just yet… so how do you juggle both?

While you’re transitioning from employee to entrepreneur it’s important to stay motivated and keep a clearly defined goal in sight. Here are a few things to keep the spark alight whilst you’re busy working for someone else.

1. Know your ‘why’ and focus on it like a laser

Whatever it is that makes you want your own business rather than employment is one of the biggest keys to your success. Write it down in detail, then refine your why until you get it down to just one, honest sentence – then put it up on the wall, wherever you’re likely to see it every day (the dashboard, the bathroom mirror, the bedroom wall). Keeping your reason for succeeding in clear view and at the forefront of your mind will keep you motivated and focussed, even when things get tough.

2. Write yourself a job description

In detail and in the present tense, write down your ideal day – what are your activities, who are your customers/ clients, how many do you have, how do you service them, how much income do you make? What does your daily schedule look like (in an ideal world)? For example, you might like to spend most of your days networking with people poolside in some sunny resort and get paid for it. Why not? If that’s your dream and it’s conducive to your plan then write it down. Defining exactly what you want is the biggest step you can take to getting there.

3. Reinforce what you want

Now you know why you want to succeed and what success looks like to you, read your vision aloud every morning. Focus intently on how it will feel to be living your ideal. Keeping your desired result clearly in your mind and feeling the feelings your success will bring will help you keep negative thoughts about your daily grind at bay.

4. Commit yourself

Telling other people about your dream might feel strange, since it’s likely still in the planning stage, but vocalising what you intend to do gives you public accountability – meaning you’re less likely to give up & quit if the people in your life know about it.

5. Set up or join a business master mind group

Find other people who are also setting up a business and meet with them once or twice a month to brainstorm ideas, share advice and motivate each other. Just discussing things like articles you’ve found helpful, techniques you’ve found useful and other ideas can be extremely helpful when you’re setting up a business.

6. Learn learn learn

Read all the books & articles, listen to podcasts and online trainings, take some short courses – if it’s relevant & helpful to your business/ industry it can only help you. Additionally, keeping your attention focussed on your preferred industry will keep you tuned into and focussed on your goals. Not to mention you’ll have a wealth of experience and knowledge by the time your business comes into fruition.

7. Set daily goals

Set yourself some SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound). By achieving small successes every day you’ll gain more confidence. Taking action, no matter how small, tedious or mundane the task, will inevitably help you to grow, even when there doesn’t seem to be much time left in the day. 7 days of small steps equals a big step forward by the end of the week.

“Life asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time. That’s why they make those fourth grade chairs so small– so you won’t fit in them at age twenty-five!” — Jim Rohn