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7 habits to boost your success

7 habits to boost your success

Success begins with you.

Make your morning routine priority no.1

Allow yourself 10-15 minutes each morning to ‘power up’. It can involve whatever you like, so long as it’s energising either mentally or physically (or both!).

Having and sticking to a routine each morning sets you up for the day. You might practice a few yoga positions, meditate with a fresh juice outside, or get to a bit of personal development reading or writing. Whatever you choose to do make sure you give yourself that time each and every morning to set yourself up for the day ahead.

Remember your strength

You’re a solution finder, a problem solver, a winner! You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Each day take a minute to remember just how much of a warrior you are – finding this strength will prepare you for whatever set backs the day might throw at you.

Don’t dwell on mistakes or setbacks

It’s important to realise that no business goes without its fair share of rocky patches. But the most successful ones are those who power on regardless. Brush yourself off and get right back on that horse.

Prioritise the most important things

You will be more productive and much happier if you make improvements to your time management skills. Write down the top 3 things you MUST accomplish today and get the job done before focussing on the less important things (like checking your Facebook…).


You might think that you can do a better job and that may well be true. But you are only one person. Delegating means that you can get far more done in a day than if you were just working alone. So hand off some of that to-do list to someone else and concentrate on the really important things that you need to get done yourself.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination can mask a lack of confidence, or a fear of being wrong or being criticised. But the longer you wait to do something, the further away that light at the end of the tunnel gets. Bite the bullet and so whatever it is that you’ve been putting off. No matter the result, at least it won’t be hanging over you or churning scared, negative thoughts through your head. When it’s done it’s done and you can move forward.

Say thank you & smile

You won’t succeed alone. Every day, there are many people on your team and in your daily life who deserve to be thanked. So be thankful, show it and say it. And smile! Research shows that smiling positively benefits you and those around you – and it looks beautiful darling!