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Building brand loyalty the Superdry way

Building brand loyalty the Superdry way

Building brand loyalty isn’t just about doing a good job. It’s about exceeding expectations.

And potentially the greatest opportunity in building brand loyalty is after a mistake. 
This just happened to Helen here at D3 Marketing,

SuperDry is a favourite brand and she bought some trainers. In the sale. In Bicester whilst driving home from a client meeting.
And then went to Spain to see clients there.

Unfortunately they had sold her two right feet! Disappointment all round.

Not thinking this would end well but prepared to try, she called the shop. A lovely girl took the details, and said they would consult a manager. But they don’t ship outside the UK.
10 minutes later she rang back. She had circumvented the manager to speed up the process and called her Head Office. Who had said it’s our fault and we will ship a brand new complete pair today, to Spain, from the warehouse.

This is brand loyalty. This makes us love this brand. This converts us from a customer to a raving fan.
From answering the phone to getting a fantastic result without even seeing a receipt. @Superdry, take a bow. We applaud you.