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Putting a real human face to your branding

Putting a real human face to your branding

It’s not breaking news that in order to engage your prospective customers, you need to connect with them on a personal level.  Businesses often create and tailor their branding with that sole aim, whether that’s brand imagery and content that resonates with an age, an outlook, a demographic or a lifestyle.

Putting a ‘real life’ face (as opposed to a model or celebrity) to branding is a growing trend in for businesses of all sizes, with that face needing to be someone a prospect relates to, likes and wants to give their money to.

A classic example of a company using a real person for a big brand in the past might be Richard Branson for Virgin, but there are few people that could relate to a billionaire businessman that lives on his own island.  People might fly Virgin but it might not be the case that Richard Branson was the draw.  Another ‘big brand name’ James Dyson, by comparison, might also be a billionaire but he pitches himself as an inventor and engineer looking to solve problems rather than someone creating a business empire.

Using a business founder’s face as part of their branding sometimes happens organically.  The rise of reality TV like Dragon’s Den means that business founders including Levi Roots of Reggae Reggae Sauce singing fame, university friends Will Hodson and Henry De Zoete of Look After My Bills and Trunki Dad Rob Law have been thrust forward.  This platform gave them the opportunity to demonstrate how their product came about and why people should use it.  They often didn’t even need to win investment to get their business off the ground (they passed on Trunki!)

Other people ‘step up’ as the person who saw a need and filled it for personal reasons.  Organic, honest videos of founders, small business owners and entrepreneurs showing their passion for their product can inspire and motivate.

Other times it’s the members of staff that are put in the limelight.  Supermarket workers, factory workers and builders have all played a part in branding, and who can forget customer service adviser Howard of Halifax singing fame and unlikely sex symbol?!

Brand promotion is about more than just logos, colours, photos and animations.  The people behind the business are a part of the brand.  If you have the passion and the people, get in touch to see how we might help you use the best asset you’ll ever have.