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What is ‘Mobile First Design’ for websites?

What is ‘Mobile First Design’ for websites?

A large majority of growing businesses have a website with 92% of small business owners thinking that having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy.   This is most likely why it’s one of the key pieces of collateral business owners and directors want to make sure is on brand and converting well.

Website design has evolved as more people use a wider variety of devices to browse online.  A responsive website means that a website is equally well designed and user friendly on mobiles and tablets as it is on laptops and desktops, but ‘mobile first design’ for websites is taking that one step further.  It is designing a website primarily to be used on a mobile device but that also looks good on a desktop or laptop.

Why is ‘mobile first design’ important?

In 2016 mobile internet usage surpasses desktop internet usage.  That means that the audience on a mobile is larger than the audience with a laptop/desktop.  Also, mobile internet usage continues to grow, so this audience will only continue to rise.  Designing with mobile in mind might not be enough moving forward, it might need to be the key focus.

That isn’t the case in all instances though.  In some industries there might still be a heavier reliance on desktop usage.  Finance, games, science and technology are all areas where there is more desktop than mobile traffic.  Having said that in all those instances the lowest amount of mobile traffic is still 39% and if they follow trends this will continue to rise as well.

So mobile or desktop first?

Historically, mobile was always a side thought after the website was built – ‘does it look ok on everything else?’  The danger is that we go in the same direction with mobile with a ‘mobile first design’ approach, only checking how a website looks on a desktop as the mobile first designed website is completed.

So the question isn’t ‘mobile or desktop first’, it’s giving equal weight to all devices.  Having said that, the days of bringing in mobile at the end of a website design process are gone.

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New Core Google Update 2020 announced

On 13th January Google confirmed that they rolled out a ‘broad core algorithm update’ but what is that?  A Google update is where the algorithm is adapted to take into account the latest trends and technology and ensure that their search rankings display the best quality and most up to date content.

The way that Google explain this is “to imagine you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later in 2019, you refresh the list. It’s going to naturally change. Some new and wonderful movies that never existed before will now be candidates for inclusion. You might also reassess some films and realize they deserved a higher place on the list than they had before.”

Google updates used to be flashier and more dramatic with names and versions such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.  These days they are more low key and less branded as SEO becomes less of a novelty and more mainstream.  However, a Google update is still every bit as unexpected and mysterious, with no warning and no hard and fast rules of how to ensure your website doesn’t take a hit.

There have been extreme examples in the past of huge companies taking a big hit with no notice. In 2013 a Google update absolutely tanked the ranking of Interflora not only generic terms like ‘flowers’, ‘flower delivery’ and ‘florist’, but even for its own brand name.   There is nothing solid publicly on why but there was speculation on unnatural and paid for links.

The only real way to avoid being penalised by a Google update is to treat your website as if Google is about to change their algorithm every day.  Like you’re a chef with kitchen that needs to be clean enough to pass a surprise health inspection at any time.

SEO optimised website design and content marketing of a high standard is essential to keep on Google’s good side and ensure a prominent profile on the search engine that takes up 86% of all organic search traffic.  This is a long term investment, as the alternative is spending high amounts on paid ads and referral links in order to maintain a steady stream of relevant traffic.

How to make print marketing measurable

The rise of digital marketing is well documented, and some have said that print, as the formally ‘traditional marketing’ source, is now the official ‘non-traditional marketing’ source.  Where digital used to fit in with print, combining digital and print marketing seems to have more of a digital led feel.

One advantage of digital marketing as opposed to print marketing, is how measurable it is.  You can use analytics packages to see where traffic is coming from, the quality of the traffic and the conversion rate.

Traditionally you would measure print reach and engagement but the number of people it went to or went in front of, and looking for any enquiry or sale increases.  This could be unrealistic and unreliable.  Having said that, using digital marketing alongside print, or just boxing clever with your print marketing, means you can pretty accurate on measuring Return On Investment (ROI).  Here are some ideas on making print marketing measurable.

Unique landing pages for print marketing

On digital marketing you can give complex urls on landing pages to show every aspect of the campaign and measure it’s success including location, keyword and source.  On print there is no ‘click’ but you can make the CTA a specific url.  “Visit for example is easy to type and find, and if that url was only used on your print campaign you can see how many people are following your CTA.  Even if your page does get picked up by searches, you can still see this and identify the keywords used.

Set up conversion tracking on this landing page

The ability to see the engagement on this campaign as well as just the amount of people reached is essential, because in addition to measuring the effectiveness of the landing page, it will also help you see if the print campaign is getting the right leads to the website.  It would be better to have 100 leads with a 10% conversion rate than 1000 leads with a 1% conversion rate, as if you’re paying for print by the number of items to print.

Setting up conversion tracking on your landing page means that you can see how many of those leads actually went on to do what you wanted them to do.  Whether that’s clicking to buy, downloading a brochure or attending an event, using conversion tracking is essential to monitor that.  A good web designer will be able to incorporate this into a design.

Get them to give you your print back

Whilst converting of course! The idea of giving out coupons is not exactly revolutionary but at the same time, it can be very cost effective in comparison to digital coupons. On average, digital coupons tend to perform 35% better when it comes to bringing in new customers, retaining existing customers, and raising brand awareness. However, printed coupons typically provide a higher return on investment, with digital coupons typically getting a lower ROI by 18%.

If you’d like more information on using print alongside digital marketing, get in touch with the team.

Nursery website design in West Sussex

It’s almost time to unveil our latest website design in West Sussex.

It’s a new website for a nursery in Chichester that’s way more than a nursery. They have so much going on and so much great information for their users.

We are just doing final tweaks and changes before it will go live…..

Nursery website designBut here’s a sneak preview!

Safety Beach bungalows – our first Australian client

We’re delighted to have finished work for our first client in Australia, the rather awesome Safety Beach Bungalows.

This delightful set of 5 bungalows is just metres from the huge beach at Safety Beach, near Coffs Harbour. They offer lovely pet friendly accommodation. We have been and seen it for ourselves whilst on holiday there.

To start the process, the client had a new logo in honour of their gorgeous dog Mahana who sadly passed away (but they recently acquired a new family member, a gorgeous Staffy puppy called Ziggy!). With the new look they wanted a new mobile responsive website with great copy.

We completed the design and build and embarked on SEO research. Just 2 weeks after launch we are so pleased to see them on the first page of Google for all their main keyword phrases. That’s a great result for everybody.

If you’re ever in New South Wales and looking for somewhere to stay, they are highly recommended! Say g’day to Kelvin and Collette and of course, Ziggy.

Latest D3 Marketing work : Boot camp website design

D3 Marketing have done a lot of work in the fitness industry and have hands on experience supporting many boot camp operators across UK and Europe.

A new start up in Marbella, Spain asked us to create a name that stood out and develop a responsive website design.

We didn’t just design. We wrote all the copy across the site, produced the videos, picked the photos, decided on all the content, navigation and functionality. We certainly love a project where we can pick it up and run with it. The website goes live on 17th November!

Colourful social media

Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 19.36.37D3 Marketing have a lot of clients who are exceptional at social media but we always love watching what Ultraviolet Flowers, a leading designer florist in Portsmouth, do because their photos are so beautiful. You can shop online through their facebook too.

Oh and they have the cutest dog, Enzo. What Enzo recommends has a huge following on instagram..

Get inspired with them

Latest D3 Marketing work : Plumbing website design, Jersey

Plumbing websites can all be rather amateurish and boring so when DB Malorey in Jersey approached us to do a website design that stood out from the crowd, D3 Marketing were delighted.

With so many services, it was important to prioritise them in the text and navigation to lead with their strongest hand.

The photos were also going to be essential to selling their professionalism and building their reputation through visual messages.

The resulting mobile responsive website is simple, hard hitting and built to drive enquiries with lots of calls to action throughout.

See website.