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Get the most out of Facebook

Get the most out of Facebook

08 June 2015,   By ,   0 Comments
Use Facebook to promote your other social media accounts.
1. Use your page description
Put links in your page description with calls to action (use to shorten links)
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2. Use your cover photo description
This is so under utilised but actually a great place for information you want people to have – like links!
3. Add social media tabs to your Facebook page 
People can easily follow you from the tab at the top of your page and see your activity in that platform.
Try these apps:
4. Create a photo album of social icons
  • Call it ‘Your brand name – Social network gallery’
  • Say ‘Our links to all your favourite social network platforms’
  • Put your links in the description (Twitter link on Twitter icon etc.)
  • Share the album on Facebook
  • Share the link across all your SM accounts later
A great, visual way to share your account links.
5. Auto-share your Instagram photos to your Facebook page
Instagram links to your personal Facebook profile by default.
Change the sharing destination to your page in the Instagram settings: Linked Accounts>Facebook>Your Page Name
Et voila – your photos will now auto share to Facebook!
6. Auto share your Facebook posts to Twitter
Link your accounts and all of your posts will be Tweeted. Just remember the 140 character allowance & use if you’re sharing links.

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