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Why use a seasonal marketing campaign?

Why use a seasonal marketing campaign?

Christmas is a solid seasonal marketing campaign that even the most straight-laced B2B company usually puts something out for.  Whether is a feel good bit of community spirit, an invitation to party or an animated carrot fighting other seasonal root vegetables, Christmas is a solid bet.

But it’s not the only one and people are no longer limited to festivities like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter.  More American style holidays and events are creeping across the world including Halloween, Black Friday and the SuperBowl.  In addition there are the awareness campaigns and novelty days including International Women’s Day, World Friendship Day, and even Bartender Appreciation Day!

Why do seasonal marketing campaigns?

Remind people you’re still there

John Lewis is a great example – they’re in the background and a well known name but come Christmas, the John Lewis Christmas advert coming out is practically a holiday in itself.  Not only that, the aftermath – where other marketing departments around the UK try and poke a bit of fun or respond to the advert theme.  It reminds people that John Lewis is a great place for high quality gifts with the extra dose of Christmas spirit that goes with a novelty character with a festive theme.

Generate urgency

It’s said that it can take 6-8 touchpoints before a person gets to the point of buying, and there are a variety of factors that will determine when a person gets to that stage – budget, pay dates, priorities, and so on.

If you’re marketing for people to buy for Christmas or a seasonal event, there is a definite end date that people need to buy for.


Christmas as an example of seasonal marketing, doesn’t change much from year to year.  Trees, tinsel, baubles, lights, these are pretty much always going to be acceptable to use at Christmas.  Updating it to fit in with different promotions or themes every year is a relatively inexpensive exercise.  There are a number of seasonal campaigns where this can be the case – Easter, new seasons, sporting events and so on.

If you’re looking for more ideas on implementing seasonal marketing into your business, get in touch.