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More targeting, not more emails

More targeting, not more emails

A new study by Campaign Monitor has shown that the average email open rate in the UK is 18%, with the click rate being only 0.9%.  It also showed that the average unsubscribe rate for emails is nearly three times the click through rate.  In a busy marketplace and a fast filling inbox, you have to shout pretty loud to get your email marketing heard.

If your 1000 emails are only getting you 9 clicks, then surely the answer is to send more emails right?  Send 5000 emails and that’s five times the number of clicks?

Or is it better, perhaps, to increase the amount of relevance and interest, and therefore the number of opens and clicks?

The fact is the more emails you send, the more you spend.  The marketing agency you use will charge you for the number of emails sent as that’s how they will be billed by the software they use, not because of the amount of work needed.  It is better for the marketing team to be putting the same amount of work in on design but spend more time making it as relevant to the audience as possible and sending less of them, than it is to send them to five times as many people.  They will most likely get better results as well.

How can you make email marketing more targeted?


Emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.  Using something as simple as someone’s name ensures they know it’s an email that was meant to come to them specifically, and not the first 5000 people on a list.  Whilst consumers are wising up to the fact that this is done automatically and that emails aren’t being written manually, the personal touch still has an effect.


Over half of all emails are read on a mobile device.  If you’re only targeting those in front of a laptop and your design reflects that, you risk putting off over half of your audience.  If something is harder to find a way to click through then people aren’t likely to do your work for you.

Level of interest

If you have a business with several products and services, is it best to send all emails to all prospects and customers to get more clicks?  For example should a veterinary surgery send it’s special offer on dog shampoos to all pet owners, or just the dog owners?  Would a toiletries company benefit from promoting new leg waxing strips to a male customer in his 7os?

Businesses collect a large amount of information on their customers based on loyalty cards, service records and email sign ups.  By using that data you can send 500 emails to people that are definitely your target audience for a product or service rather than 5000, only 500 of which would possibly be interested.

By adopting a more sophisticated and data based approach to your email marketing, you reduce the risk of reducing your click through rate and more importantly, increasing your opt out rate.  Get in touch to look into a more intelligent way to market using emails.