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Top tips – how to get more local exposure for your business

Top tips – how to get more local exposure for your business

26 June 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

Facebook may be one of our biggest assets for business. It’s free, it’s easy and almost everyone is on it! Including your potential customers!

Learn how to utilise the social platform to reach more local people…

1. Use local video and images

When your local clients recognise the area, they’re more likely to visit your page and your business.

2. Post pictures of your customers and fans

Personal photos help your visibility with the friends of your customers. Encourage people to tag themselves in your photos.

3. Collaborate with other local businesses

Regularly interacting with other local businesses (i.e. commenting on or sharing their posts or tagging them in yours) will make you more visible to their audience.

4. Use reviews

Reviews show up prominently on mobile phones and recommendations can majorly benefit your business, so make sure you have your reviews tab set up.

5. Build your email list

Offer something as an incentive to get people to opt into your list.

6. Join local Facebook groups

Share a link to your page, promotions and information about your business if the group permits it.

7. Create local awareness ads

Reach people who are near your business with a local awareness ad. Create calls to action, such as Get directions, for each ad.

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