First Choice

D3 Marketing have been working with a leading Costa del Sol estate agency company – FIRST CHOICE SPAIN – to help in aspects of their online and offline presence marketing.

The company wanted to create a new customer experience at major contact points and improve the company’s visibility and profile.

We started by revamping the website to create

  • a better customer journey with smarter flow and action oriented content
  • better presentation of the USP’s of the company
  • a focus on the exceptional knowledge, reputation and locality aspect of their team

To build the basic foundations we also worked with them on their online profiles, customer touch points and social media targets.

For social media we determined the raison d’etre for each channel, the demographic target, style of communications, potential and message themes across multiple platforms.

Then worked with the managers on what to create, how often and how exactly to create great content (and engagement).

As part of any change it’s important to bring the team on board and not work in isolation but to embed into the team.

By assessing the natural strengths and interest areas of everyone at First Choice we were able to help shape the who/what/when/how process for various aspects of marketing to empower the whole team to push forward. This is a special group of people with very strong capabilities in the property market and as a group sharing ownership of the results, the results down the line will be even better.

With many marketing activities we believe in revolution not evolution.

Whilst not doing anything wrong, many clients aren’t just doing enough of the good stuff.

  • So they may not be shouting loud and clearly enough.
  • Not celebrating successes
  • Not communicating their USPs consistently to the market
  • Not rain making to reach more people, more often
  • Not staying in touch
  • Not adding enough sizzle and style… to create interest and action

It’s been a delight to work with FIRST CHOICE SPAIN.

The work is ongoing, making small gains continually across many different aspects of their marketing, PR and outreach in proactive marketing which will continue into the autumn.