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Facebook rolls out new ‘reactions’

Facebook rolls out new ‘reactions’

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that Facebook was working on an upgrade to its famous Like button many suspected the launch of a “dislike” option. Instead, the clever minds at Facebook introduced a far more empathetic set of 6 ’emojis’ that best represent our most common emotions.

The new set of reactions includes love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger as well as the original thumbs up and is currently in its test phase in just two markets (Spain and Ireland) until they decide whether to tweak it and/or how to roll it out further.

Facebook has caught up with social networks like Path and sites like Buzzfeed, who already give users the ability to respond to posts with different reactions beyond simple likes and ‘faves’.

Users can find the new reactions on both mobile and desktop & on all news feed posts.

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Social media trends for 2016

Social media trends to consider in 2016…

If you’re planning your marketing strategy, these 7 key social media trends should be part of your thinking.

1.  Response works

According to Search Engine Watch, 70% of Twitter users expect a response from brands they reach out to (and 53% expect it in less than an hour. In 2014 consumers made complaints on social media 879 million times but in 2015 messages went unanswered by brnads  out of 8 times! Get social listening and automation tools so that you can respond quickly

2. Live streaming video

Live streaming video is considered to be the next big thing thanks to apps like Periscope and Meerkat. It reveals a much more authentic side of your business. Unedited, unfiltered and real. See a more in-depth breakdown of the apps.

3. Social commerce

The more you engage, the more social selling and revenue is possible. Look out for more apps and features to help in 2016, such as Twitters Buy button.

4. SEO

Content is still king. There’s a shift from text to media but optimizing your organic content is still important. And social content is becoming increasingly more visible in search results.

5. Reviews

We are a review led society. 88% of consumers are influenced by reviews and online comments. Make sure you are aware, responding and improving your reviews.

6. Mobile first

Mobile devices have become the primary (not secondary) screen for most social media users.  Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone. 14% of Millennials wouldn’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site or app.

7. Data-driven decisions

You have access to so much information about consumer preferences – use it to personalize your message and focus on building stronger loyalty and long-term engagement. Personalized, data-driven marketing plans are in. But beware, numbers shouldn’t replace creativity.

Colourful social media

Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 19.36.37D3 Marketing have a lot of clients who are exceptional at social media but we always love watching what Ultraviolet Flowers, a leading designer florist in Portsmouth, do because their photos are so beautiful. You can shop online through their facebook too.

Oh and they have the cutest dog, Enzo. What Enzo recommends has a huge following on instagram..

Get inspired with them

Facebook may be one of our biggest assets for business. It’s free, it’s easy and almost everyone is on it! Including your potential customers!

Learn how to utilise the social platform to reach more local people…

1. Use local video and images

When your local clients recognise the area, they’re more likely to visit your page and your business.

2. Post pictures of your customers and fans

Personal photos help your visibility with the friends of your customers. Encourage people to tag themselves in your photos.

3. Collaborate with other local businesses

Regularly interacting with other local businesses (i.e. commenting on or sharing their posts or tagging them in yours) will make you more visible to their audience.

4. Use reviews

Reviews show up prominently on mobile phones and recommendations can majorly benefit your business, so make sure you have your reviews tab set up.

5. Build your email list

Offer something as an incentive to get people to opt into your list.

6. Join local Facebook groups

Share a link to your page, promotions and information about your business if the group permits it.

7. Create local awareness ads

Reach people who are near your business with a local awareness ad. Create calls to action, such as Get directions, for each ad.

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Use Facebook to promote your other social media accounts.
1. Use your page description
Put links in your page description with calls to action (use to shorten links)
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2. Use your cover photo description
This is so under utilised but actually a great place for information you want people to have – like links!
3. Add social media tabs to your Facebook page 
People can easily follow you from the tab at the top of your page and see your activity in that platform.
Try these apps:
4. Create a photo album of social icons
  • Call it ‘Your brand name – Social network gallery’
  • Say ‘Our links to all your favourite social network platforms’
  • Put your links in the description (Twitter link on Twitter icon etc.)
  • Share the album on Facebook
  • Share the link across all your SM accounts later
A great, visual way to share your account links.
5. Auto-share your Instagram photos to your Facebook page
Instagram links to your personal Facebook profile by default.
Change the sharing destination to your page in the Instagram settings: Linked Accounts>Facebook>Your Page Name
Et voila – your photos will now auto share to Facebook!
6. Auto share your Facebook posts to Twitter
Link your accounts and all of your posts will be Tweeted. Just remember the 140 character allowance & use if you’re sharing links.

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