Meet The Team

[vc_team_member image=”186″ name=”Helen Buteux” position=”Founder & Managing Director” welcome=”Hi! We’re awesome & so are you!” fb_url=”#” tw_url=”#” gplus_url=”#” in_url=”#” mail_url=”#”]Marketing strategist who has managed hundreds of projects, campaigns and launches over the last 20 years.

Helen is a super-creative who knows only one speed – 100mph, 24/7 – whether writing PR, launching fun social media or creating fabulous marketing ideas. Secret data geek and web techie!f[/vc_team_member]

We do awesome works

Just take a look at our achievements.
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Website builds


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Happy Customers


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Brand launches


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Advertising Campaigns


[vc_team_member name=”Simon” position=”Website guru!” tw_url=”#” gplus_url=”#” mail_url=”#” image=”185″ fb_url=”#” in_url=”#”]

Designs, builds and does all the behind-the-scenes technical integration with payment systems, forms, logins, security, external APIs, databases, SQL and permissions.


[vc_team_member name=”Jo & Glenn” position=”Creative designers extraordinaire” image=”181″ fb_url=”#” tw_url=”#” gplus_url=”#” in_url=”#” mail_url=”#”]

Creative designers extraordinaire, making the magic happen in creative work across every medium you can imagine including websites. Glenn’s a print expert on the side!


[vc_team_member name=”Apprentices” position=”Little rays of sunshine” tw_url=”#” gplus_url=”#” image=”184″]

We try to take on interns (aka little rays of sunshine) each year to give them real work experience. Tanja has joined us in Autumn 2014 for 4 weeks but we’ve also had interns from Finland and Spain before.