Jersey Kitchen

There’s nothing we love more than working with the hospitality industry, but especially food. And ESPECIALLY when their food is this good!

Jersey Kitchen, the leading private and events catering company based in the Channel Islands, wanted a revamp of their look to focus on exactly what they are great at – food!

So that’s exactly what we did.


Very little text and high impact imagery. So we used parallax throughout (view it on a laptop not a mobile to see the effects in all their glory).

(Web note : this parallax visual style won’t work so well if you need a site that performs great on search engines. However Jersey Kitchen are already renowned on the island, so SEO isn’t a primary marketing tool as their 20+ year reputation means they are a known name).

The deadline was set to launch to support their new venture in April, taking over the fabulous and iconic THE WINDMILL in St Peters, Jersey.

All launched. All happy. All making us very hungry indeed during the design and build!